Teach the Teachers – RBI Academy’s Youth Baseball and Tee-Ball Coaching Clinic

RBI Australia's Teach the Teachers Program - a youth baseball and tee-ball coaching clinic.

RBI Australia recently concluded the Teach the Teachers Program, held at RBI’s Smeaton Grange training facility. This transformative initiative, held in collaboration with the Campbelltown community, aimed to empower softball and tee-ball educators, leaving an indelible mark on the local baseball and softball scene.

A Gathering of Enthusiasts

The Smeaton Grange training facility buzzed with energy as teachers, coaches, and baseball enthusiasts from the Campbelltown area were present in this event. The Teach the Teachers Program from RBI Academy is more than just a clinic. It’s a commitment to shaping the future of baseball and softball education.

This groundbreaking event aimed to break down barriers and provide educators with a comprehensive understanding of the game. Led by our esteemed head coaches, Matt Redman and Daniel Medd, the Teach the Teachers Program, a youth baseball and tee-ball coaching clinic, focused on the fundamentals of baseball – from hitting and throwing to fielding mechanics. The Smeaton Grange facility, RBI’s home for training and community engagement, set the stage for an immersive and enlightening experience.

Behind the Scenes with RBI

Going beyond the basics, RBI Australia took the initiative a step further by sharing exclusive training tips and game management strategies. Our seasoned coaches with a passion for excellence, brought their expertise to the forefront. It aims to enrich the teachers with helpful insights that extend beyond the traditional scope of a coaching clinic.

At the heart of RBI Academy’s Teach the Teachers Program is a deep appreciation for the educators. These unsung heroes play a vital role in nurturing the love for baseball in young players. The program serves as a tribute, equipping them with tools and knowledge to make a lasting impact on their students.

The Architects of Excellence at RBI Academy

Guiding the way at RBI Academy are the head coaches, including the standout figures, Matt Redman and Daniel Medd. Their teaching philosophies extend beyond game mechanics, embodying a genuine passion for baseball and softball, and a commitment to creating a positive environment for players and fellow coaches.The passion exhibited by these mentors leaves an enduring impression on all fortunate enough to participate in initiatives like the Teach the Teachers Program.

Expanding Horizons: Sporting Schools Program

Building on the success of the program, RBI Academy’s commitment to youth baseball and tee-ball education continues with the inclusion of the Sporting Schools program. Partnering with Baseball NSW, RBI Australia extends its reach to New South Wales schools. Continually providing Sporting Schools coaching for tee-ball and Baseball5.

Sporting Schools: A Government-Backed Initiative

Sporting Schools, an Australian Government initiative, aims to increase children’s participation in sport and connect them with community sport opportunities. The program is designed to build confidence and skills, offering free programs to children and their families. Through partnerships with national sporting organizations, including RBI Australia, Sporting Schools provides structured programs for both primary and secondary schools.

Tailored Aussie T-Ball Packages

The Aussie T-Ball packages offered through Sporting Schools are based on the national Aussie T-Ball program. Schools can choose between Community Coach Delivered, providing the full Aussie T-Ball experience with specialized coaching sessions, or Teacher Delivered, an affordable taster experience supporting teachers in delivering Aussie T-Ball at their schools.

Urban Flair: Baseball5 in Sporting Schools

Baseball5, a faster and urban version of baseball, is also part of Sporting Schools. This allow students to explore fundamental skills in an easy-to-learn environment. With a focus on throwing, catching, running, and striking, Baseball5 sessions utilize a game sense approach. Thus, making it accessible to primary and secondary schools without requiring dedicated venues or infrastructure.

Join the Journey: RBI Academy’s Open Invitation for the Youth Baseball and Tee-Ball Coaching Clinic

As RBI Academy continues to expand its initiatives, the invitation is open to all the sport’s enthusiasts. Join us in the journey of knowledge, skill development, and a shared love for the game. The success of the Teach the Teachers Program serves as a stepping stone for RBI Australia’s ongoing commitment to youth baseball and tee-ball education, where the love for baseball knows no bounds.

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