RBI Australia is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Baseball NSW as a Sporting Schools coaching provider for teeball and Baseball5 in New South Wales schools.

Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools is an Australian Government initiative designed to help schools increase children’s participation in sport and connect them with community sport opportunities.

Sporting Schools programs are provided free to children and their families to help students build the confidence and capability to be active for life.

To help achieve this, the Australian Sports Commission has partnered with more than 35 national sporting organisations (NSOs). There is a program for primary schools, and a targeted program for Year 7 and 8 students in secondary schools.

Aussie T-Ball

The following Aussie T-Ball packages are based on the national Aussie T-Ball program and are structured so that each week participants play a game sense activity followed by a game of Aussie T-Ball. There are two different package options to suit the needs of your school:

  • Community Coach Delivered – The full Aussie T-Ball experience with up to six specialised coaching sessions.
  • Teacher Delivered – An affordable taster experience that supports teachers to simply deliver Aussie T-Ball at their school.


Baseball5 is a new faster, urban version of the game of Baseball. Only requiring a ball to play, Baseball5 allows students to explore the four fundamental skills of throwing, catching, running and striking in an easy to learn environment. Utilising the game sense approach, each session will teach a skill through mini games and play a Baseball5 game. Requiring no dedicated venue or infrastructure, Baseball5 can be played everywhere within your school and is accessible to all.

Baseball5 is offered to primary and secondary schools.

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More Information

Visit the Baseball NSW website or email [email protected].

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