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RBI Academy Fielding Drill – Short Hop Drill with Nick Kern and Randy Santiesteban

YouTube video

RBI Academy coaches Nick Kern and Randy Santiesteban demonstrate the Short Hop Drill.

In Baseball and Softball, the Short Hop Drill improves the fielder’s mechanics when fielding short hops.

What is a Short Hop?
A Short Hop is a ball fielded close to the ground immediately after a bounce.

1. Coach stands away from the Fielder.
2. Coach throws the ball in an arch.
3. Fielder positions themselves to make a Short Hop.
4. Field the short hop with glove fingers pointing down.
5. Field the ball with a short-controlled stab through the ball.
6. Repeat to practice back hand and forehand short hops.

Whilst doing this drill remember as Coach Nick says this drill is a lot harder than Coach Randy is making this drill look. The biggest thing to take out of this drill is that you’re always moving, and you focus on that glove angle having your glove fingers down so the ball has somewhere to go into your glove.

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