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Batting Cage Tips for Kids by Coach Matt

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Unlock Your Young Player’s Potential with Coach Matt’s batting cage tips for kids

Help unlock your young player’s potential! Coach Matt share some helpful batting cage tips for kids. Whether your players is in the beginner or advanced level, this video introduces a easy-to-follow 3-stage progression drills.

Are pitching machines necessary for young players? Not really. You can use the Zooka Machine if they’re around ages 7 to 10. But don’t worry, a lot of good work can be done without the machines. Consider using the Recken Minor 8.5″ Reduced Injury Baseballs for T-Ball up to Zooka. These balls offer a softer and slightly smaller alternative to standard baseballs.

Batting Tee Practice for Kids

You can use a batting tee to help younger players focus on proper form and bat swing mechanics. Adjust the tee’s position to encourage them to practice hitting from different ball locations for a well-rounded swing.

L-Frames and Flips: Progression for Young Hitters

A good progression after some tee work would be flips. Make sure to position the L-Frame to protect yourself from getting hit. Consistency is key; when you flip, make the same motion each time. Making the same timing over again when flipping will allow young players to time their load and hit the balls. Help them concentrate to hit the ball straight back up the middle.

Throwing Live Balls

Reposition your L-Frame as shown in the video. When throwing live balls, you don’t need to be an expert or anything. The trick to throwing good BP for the kids is don’t move the net too far – you don’t want to be throwing full distance. Make sure to aim for the target.

Don’t be too hard for yourself when pitching for your kids! Leaving a bad pitch is just as important as hitting a good pitch. They will need to see good and bad pitches. Just like the flips, try to use the same timing so they can time it and hit off you.

Facilitating an Effective Hitting Sessions for Kids

Following these stages will help you facilitate a highly effective hitting sessions with your kids in the batting cage. if you’re planning to book a lane with us, click the button below to get started! See you soon!

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