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Evolution of Throwing to Bases Part 3 | RBI Academy Drills

Ready to take your throwing game to the next level? Coach Tino is back with The Evolution of Throwing to Bases Part 3, where we bring it all together for the perfect play.

Mastering the Full Movement

In this session, Coach Tino emphasizes the importance of syncing all the learned elements into one seamless motion. It’s the grand finale of the throwing evolution, and precision is key.

Start at 50% Intensity

Begin by executing the complete movement at a controlled 50% intensity. Focus on every detail—from hands before feet to the secondary catching stance. This is the foundation for the next levels.

Gradual Progression: 75% and 100% Intensity

Once you’ve nailed the 50%, it’s time to level up. Move on to 75% intensity, ensuring each step is calculated and precise. Coach Tino recommends gradual progression—only move to 100% when you’ve perfected the 75%.

Control is Key

Throughout this drill, maintain control. Coach Tino stresses the significance of a nice, controlled execution. It’s not just about power; it’s about finesse and accuracy.

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The evolution doesn’t stop here. Coach Tino has more insights lined up, so keep the enthusiasm alive. Part 3 is the culmination, but the journey continues.

Let’s throw those game-changing moves!

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