RECKEN Pro Stick 490 Steel Hardened Maple Baseball Bat

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$175.96 - Platinum Member Price

Elevate your game with the Pro Stick 490 Baseball Bat from Recken’s exclusive Pro Stick Series at RBI Australia. Crafted from steel-hardened maple for durability and power, it features a classic natural handle and brown barrel design.

Dominate the diamond with the Pro Stick 490!

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Pro Stick 490 Steel Hardened Maple Baseball Bat
Unleash your potential on the field with the Recken Pro Stick Series. A new addition to the Recken brand, exclusive at RBI Australia.

To provide the perfect blend of power and precision, these Pro Stick Bats are built with maple – known for its durability and power. These bats have also been steel-hardened which ensures longevity and peak performance.

The Pro Stick 490 features a natural handle paired with a brown barrel.

Bat Specifications

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Maple Bamboo Composite:
Combines the strength and durability of maple with the flexibility and resilience of bamboo.

Sleek Design:
Features a black handle paired with a grey barrel for a stylish appearance.


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