B45 PIKE4 Pro Select Birch Baseball Bat

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Elevate your game with the B45 PIKE4 Pro Select Baseball Bat. Tailored for balance and swift swings, this bat, inspired by Ketel Marte’s style, promises precision and power in each hit. Crafted from premium Yellow Birch, it’s built for durability and performance.

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PIKE4 Pro Select
The B45 PIKE4 Pro Select Baseball Bat is the Big Leagues All-Star and B45 Ambassador Ketel Marte’s official bat. This bat is specifically designed for hitters that prefer a balanced-feeling bat. The balanced feel will make for its smaller barrel diameter (2.46 inches).

The 0.94″ handle contributes to the balanced feel of the bat – a handle that is on the thicker end of the spectrum for wood bat handles. Because more wood is used in the handle of this bat, less wood is placed in the barrel of the bat – resulting in a lighter, easier-to-swing bat. The knob of the PIKE4 is flared, making it quite easy to grasp. In addition, the flared knob also gives this bat a big-league look to it.

Ketel Marte carried B45 yellow birch bats to achieve a .329 batting average and 32 home runs. Start swinging like Ketel, and check out the B45 PIKE4 Pro today!

Certified/Approved for

  • Pro Ink Dot Certified & MLB Approved

Bat Specifications

  • Colour: Black, Gold
  • Bat Type: Timber Baseball Bat
  • Barrel Diametre: 2.46″
  • Weight Ratio: -3
  • Type of Wood: Birch (Handcrafted from Pro Select Yellow Birch)
  • Knob: Flared
  • Swing Weight: Balanced
  • Brand: B45
  • Series: Pro Select
  • Ink Dot: Yes

Additional information


– Designed for a balanced feel, ideal for hitters who prioritize control and speed.

– Crafted from hand-selected Yellow Birch, providing durability and a responsive feel.

– Flared knob enhances grip and comfort, adding a professional look.


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