B45 B13C Pro Select Birch Baseball Bat – All Cherry

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Introducing the B45 B13C Pro Select Baseball Bat – a game-changer for power hitters. With its modified design featuring an extra flared knob and cupped barrel end, this bat offers unparalleled control and balance at the plate. Crafted from Pro Select Yellow Birch, it combines durability with a large hitting surface for optimal performance.

Swing with confidence and power with the B13C!

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B13C Pro Select
The B45 B13C Pro Select Baseball Bat – A modified version of the B13 that offers exceptional control by adding a flared knob to the original B13 barrel. In order to provide hitters a nice feel in their hands and a little more balance without reducing the hitting surface, the large barrel is paired with our new flared knob. The B13c can easily locate the gaps in the outfield. It has a slight end load and is a more alluring bat for power. B45 gives the well-known 13-turn model a slight twist.

Bat Specifications

  • Colour: All Cherry
  • Bat Type: Timber Baseball Bat
  • Hitting Style: Power Hitter
  • Barrel Diametre: 2.51″(Large)
  • Handle: 0.94″
  • Weight Ratio: -3
  • Material: Wood
  • Type of Wood: Pro Select Yellow Birch
  • Swing Weight: End-Loaded
  • Brand: B45
  • Series: Pro Select
  • Ink Dot: No

Additional information


Extra Flared Knob:
Gives a more secure feeling on the handle and creates more whip with the follow-through

Cupped Barrel End:
Redesigned to remove unnecessary weight to have more control and quicker swing speeds.


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