Dirty South Bats DEEDS -3 BBCOR Alloy Baseball Bat

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DSB’s first entry into an alloy bat was a decision not taken lightly, but we caved to our customer requests.  DSB partnered with a company that is an expert in alloy manufacturing who is located in the US, Europe and Asia.  Many parts of this bat are coming from all 3 places.  But since only our composite bat is made 100% in Georgia the Deeds will not have the “Made in the USA” moniker.  Full disclosure always.

Deeds was designed to try and be as balanced as possible for an alloy bat.  The balance is in between DSB’s Swag (more balanced) and the Filthy (more end-loaded).  The 33/30 has about 7” of sweetbarrel vs Swag at about 9” and Filthy at 10”.  No matter what you hear, an alloy bat is the hottest out of the wrapper and will decline from there.  A composite is the complete opposite.

Out of the wrapper, Deeds is a strong contender and rivals our composite line-up in performance.  But eventually, our composite bats will exceed Deeds’ performance.

Our DSB faithful know that DSB would never introduce a dud so have complete confidence that Deeds will live up to its DSB badge.  Compare Deeds to any other alloy bat and you will hear the DSB difference.  Deeds does not sound like the others.  A common theme starting with DSB composite.

Get Dirty with Deeds!


Brand: Dirty South Bats
Series: Deeds
Bat Type: BBCOR Bat
Bat Material: Alloy
Bat Construction: One-Piece
Weight Ratio: -3

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30" / 27oz, 31" / 28oz, 34" / 31 oz, 32" / 29oz, 33" / 30oz


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