B45 TNS-O Pro Select Timber Baseball Bat

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Elevate your game with the B45 TNS-O Pro Select Baseball Bat, crafted for excellence. This bat combines the resilience of Yellow Birch with expert craftsmanship, providing a balanced swing and consistent performance. Perfect for players aiming to enhance their hitting precision and power.

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TNS-O Pro Select
B45 bats are as hard as maple as flexible as ash and have a much lower breakage rate. This makes B45 bats better for hitting, lowering costs, and adding safety to the game.

The B45 TNS-O Pro Select Baseball Bat is the signature of Mallex Smith, a Big Leagues All-Star and B45 Ambassador. This premium-grade bat is handcrafted, just like the Mallex bat is made.

Bat Specifications

  • Colour: Black
  • Bat Type: Timber Baseball Bat
  • Barrel Diametre: 2.42″
  • Handle: 0.95″
  • Weight Ratio: -3
  • Type of Wood: Yellow Birch (Handcrafted from Pro Select Yellow Birch)
  • Knob: Regular
  • Swing Weight: Balanced
  • Brand: B45
  • Series: Pro Select
  • Ink Dot: No

*Barrel size based on a 33″ bat.

Additional information


– Constructed from Yellow Birch, offering a unique blend of flexibility and strength.

– Features a regular knob and a balanced swing weight for improved handling and swing speed.

– The barrel and handle are designed to provide a comfortable, efficient hitting experience.


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