Birdman Bats Private Stock OZZ1 Birch Baseball Bat

$229.95 inc. GST
$202.36 - Platinum Member Price

Unleash the thunder on the diamond with the OZZ1 Birch Baseball Bat from Birdman Bats. Crafted to Ozzie’s specifications, this bat features a massive barrel, premium birch construction, and stylish gold accents for unparalleled performance and style.

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Private Stock OZZ1 Birch
Come just like Ozzie’s main gamer. Crafted from the finest top-shelf birch and finished w/ gold fixins’.

The OZZ1 Birch Baseball Bat was designed by Ozzie with one thing in mind – the largest barrel possible. It has a medium tapered handle to go along with its extra large long barrel. This bat is sure to bring the thunder!

Bat Specifications

  • Colour: Black handle / Natural Barrel
  • Bat Type: Timber Baseball Bat
  • Weight Ratio: -3
  • Type of Wood: Birch (Handcrafted from Pro Select Yellow Birch)
  • Knob: Tapered
  • Swing Weight: Balanced
  • Brand: Birdman Bats
  • Series: Private Stock


  • Birdman Bats offers a 30-day warranty on all private stock and custom bats.
  • We cannot, however, offer a warranty for mishits or misuse. This includes hitting the ball outside of the hitting area, hitting on the back or front side of the bat, hitting anything other than real baseballs, or slamming the bat on any surface

Additional information


32", 33.5", 33", 34"


Largest Barrel:
Designed by Ozzie, this bat boasts the largest possible barrel size for explosive hits.

Premium Birch Construction:
Handcrafted from top-shelf Pro Select Yellow Birch for durability and performance.

Medium Tapered Handle:
Offers a comfortable grip and control, complementing the extra-large barrel.


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