KR3 Maple Magnum M110 Composite BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Our High Performance Wood Composite bat featuring Pro Ink Dot Certified Canadian Rock Maple, Hand Split and Further Strengthened with fiberglass biaxial sleeving applied with our Special Blend of Rock Resin Epoxy which was designed by the President of KR3 with over 45 years of experience and is Available Only to KR3. Every billet is sorted and graded on structural elements then accurately weighed to ensure excellent model consistency. This series launched in 2003 and is continually improved with in-house lab testing to Exceptional Performance levels in Strength, Stiffness and Maximum Pop to Ensure it will Drive the Ball Farther.


The Maple Magnum M110 pattern features a standard knob and handle with a shorter taper into a longer medium barrel. An extremely well-balanced bat used by hitters who like the feel of overall balance.

  • Cupped to Drop 3
  • Ink Dot Certified
  • Fibreglass Sleeving up to Barrel
  • Applied with KR3 Special Blend Rock Resin Epoxy
  • High-Performance bat
  • Premium Split Stock Hard Maple
  • Extreme Durability
  • 6-Month Warranty
  • Sheer Gun Smoke Barrel With Blood Burgundy Artwork
  • Gun Smoke Handle
  • 1.995/.975/2.475


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32", 33", 34"


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