Louisville Slugger Meta 2023 -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Unmatched bat control and swing speed. The 2023 Louisville Slugger Meta® (-3) BBCOR Bat empowers top high school and college hitters to generate consistent hard contact. This three-piece composite design pairs the handle and barrel with a stiff 3FX™ Connection System to dampen vibration while maximizing performance. Elite hitters keep returning to Meta’s EKO™ Composite Barrel for its consistent performance, massive sweet spot and signature sound on contact. No matter a player’s approach at the plate, Meta helps take their tools to the next level, converting elite bat speed to serious production.


EKO Composite Barrel
Engineered to the pinnacle of performance; light-swinging monster barrel profile, optimized sweet spot, and the truest sound in the game

GT1 End Cap
Maximizes barrel length and swing speed, delivering added power in every swing

3FX Connection System
The three-piece design gives players a ‘stiff’ feel, while also dramatically reducing vibration on mis-hits

Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip
Designed to give players added tack and cushion to improve feel and bat control through the zone

Balanced Swing Weight
For the ultimate combination of speed and power


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31", 32", 33", 34"


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