Glove Locks

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Step up your game with our premium Glove Locks! Available in classic black or crisp white, these sleek accessories ensure your glove stays secure for every play.

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Glove Locks
Unlock the full potential of your game with these Glove Locks! These locks come in sleek white and classic black, ensuring your glove stays secure in every play. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, make every catch count with the ultimate glove security.


  • Colours: White/Black
  • Material: High-Grade synthetic blend
  • Compatibility: Fits most baseball and softball gloves

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Black, White


Secure Fit:
Keep your glove tightly snug and perfectly adjusted to your hand with our robust glove locks. No more slips or loose fits during critical moments!

Easy to Use:
Simply attach the locks to your glove’s laces, adjust to your comfort, and you’re set! Spend less time fixing your glove and more time playing.

Stylish Colors:
Choose from classic black or crisp white to match or contrast with your glove. Add a touch of style to your sports gear!


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