Birdman Bats Private Stock UD13 Birch Baseball Bat

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Unleash your hitting potential with the UD13, a modern twist on the classic i13 design. Crafted for balance, durability, and exceptional feel, this bat is a favorite among pros and amateurs alike.

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Private Stock UD13 Birch
Introducing the UD13, a mdoern marvel born from the iconinc i13 design. Crafted with an Ultra-Dense consturction, this bat retains the long barrel profile of the i13 while enhancing balance and durability. With a tapered thin handle for superior feel and control, the Ud13 has rapidly risen to prominence as a top seller among professional players.

These highlight series bats are made from ULTRA dense birch and are ultra durable. You’ll be making your own highlights in no time!


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32", 33.5", 33", 34"


Ultra-Dense Construction:
Innovative design offers enhanced durability and balance.

Long Barrel Profile:
Retains the classic i13 shape for maximum hitting surface.

Tapered Thin Handle:
Provides exceptional feel and guidance through the hitting zone.

Introduced to professional players with resounding success, now available to all.


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