RECKEN AA Series 9 Inch Leather Baseball (Dozen)

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High-quality game baseballs from RECKEN. These Recken AA Series baseballs feature a full-grain leather cover designed to withstand game conditions.


  • Brand: RECKEN
  • Series: AA
  • Core: Cushioned Cork Cenre
  • Cover: A-Grade Full-Grain Leather
  • Size: 9″
  • Seams: Flat
  • Quantity: 12 baseballs

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Are these game-approved baseballs?
These balls are already approved in some associations but it is always best to check before purchasing.

Are these baseballs as good as other game-approved balls?
YES! RECKEN Series AA baseballs are made from the highest quality components. These baseballs are made to a higher standard than many balls which are 50% more expensive. 

Does RECKEN make a training quality baseball?
Yes, the RECKEN Series A, although an approved game baseball in some associations, makes for a great training baseball at a great price. Check them out here.

Are there bulk discounts?
Yes, these can also be purchased in dozens, 4 dozens, or 10 dozens lots at discounted prices.

RECKEN is exclusively stocked by RBI Australia. Purchase today for personal use or in bulk for your club! 


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