Mizuno Pro Fungo 37 – Navy

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The Mizuno Pro Fungo 37″ (Navy) 
Made with Mizuno’s popular wood core and a maple shell. This bat is extremely lightweight and easy to swing thanks to the wood core. And upon contact, the maple shell should deliver that firm and sturdy feel.

Fungo bats are used by baseball coaches. These bats are much lighter and a little longer compared to regular baseball bats. The added length gives coaches more leverage when hitting the bat, and the lightweight feel keeps them from getting easily exhausted.

This bat is recommended for hitting to outfielders. But, it can certainly handle hitting to infielders as well!

Bat Specifications

  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Colour: Natural, Navy
  • Bat Type: Fungo Bat
  • Length: 37″
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Material: Wood
  • Knob: Standard
  • Series: Pro Fungo


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