Evoshield Catcher’s Wrist Guard

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The EvoShield Catcher’s Wrist Guard will protect your wrist from foul tips and wild pitches. This added protection, designed to lace right into your favourite catcher’s mitt, allows for a truly custom fit, thanks to our innovative Gel-to-Shell Technology.

Key Features

Gel-to-Shell® Technology
Air-activated material that transforms the guard in minutes from a malleable gel to a customised, form-fitting shield.

Dispersion Technology
Spreads force across the guard’s surface, reducing felt pressure at the point of impact.

Custom Molded Gear
All Gel-to-Shell® products provide a truly customized, one-to-one fit for the player.

Catcher’s Wrist Guard Coverage
One Size [5″W x 4″H]

Catcher’s Wrist Guard Attachment
Lace to the player’s preferred catcher’s mitt


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