Easton ADV Hype -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Experience the most explosive two-piece composite bat in the game! Easton has produced this all-composite bat with essential updates. They have updated their composite material and are featured on this bat. Its connection point has been updated to ConneXion Max connector piece – making the bat have a stiff feel and limiting vibration with the Nitrocell Foam added to the connector piece. Finally, this bat’s handle is crafted with the new Pro-Stiff carbon technology. This makes its handle feel solid in a batter’s hands.



Thermo Composite Technology
Offers the ideal combination of a massive barrel and sweet spot with a light swing weight, delivering explosive power at the plate

ConneXion Max™
Maximizes energy transfer with an even stiffer feel at contact

Nitrocell™ Foam
Injected to reduce vibration

Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle
Specifically designed with extra-stiff carbon fibers to create a more solid handle and stiff feel players love

Power Boost™ Soft Knob
Provides hitters with more leverage, all while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand

Flow-Tack™ Grip
Easton’s most-premium grip – providing ultimate cushion and tack


Bat Specifications

  • Colour: Navy, Red
  • Bat Type: Baseball (BBCOR)
  • Bat Construction: Two-Piece
  • Barrel Diametre: 2 5/8″
  • Weight Ratio: -3
  • Material: Composite
  • Hitting Style: Contact Hitter, Power Hitter
  • Swing Weight: Balanced
  • Series: HYPE

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32", 33", 34"