Birdman Bats Private Stock BM243 Birch Baseball Bat

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Unleash your power at the plate with the Birdman Bats Private Stock BM243 Baseball Bat, meticulously crafted for elite performance and unparalleled durability. Dominate the diamond with style and confidence, swing after swing.

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Private Stock BM243 Birch
The Birdman Bats Private Stock BM243 Baseball Bat has a black matte handle with a black gloss barrel. It is embellished with gold and crafted from the finest possible birch wood. Cupped and with a -3 drop weight.

Each power hitter’s go-to model. It features a traditional knob with a large barrel and a thin handle. This model is among the most popular end-loaded bats from Birdman Bats.

Bat Specifications

  • Colour: Matte black handle / Gloss black barrel
  • Bat Type: Timber Baseball Bat
  • Barrel Diametre: 2.52″
  • Handle: .95
  • Weight Ratio: -3
  • Type of Wood: Birch (Handcrafted from Pro Select Yellow Birch)
  • Knob: Traditional
  • Swing Weight: End-Loaded
  • Brand: Birdman Bats
  • Series: Private Stock
  • Ink Dot: Yes

Additional information


– Sleek and stylish design with a matte black handle and glossy black barrel, adorned with gold accents for added flair and sophistication.

– Constructed from high-quality birch wood, handpicked for its superior strength and durability, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

– Cupped design and -3 drop weight provide a balanced feel and enhanced swing speed, ideal for power hitters looking to drive the ball with authority.

– Traditional knob and thin handle offer a comfortable grip and precise control, allowing hitters to unleash their full potential with every swing.

– End-loaded swing weight delivers explosive power and generates maximum momentum through the hitting zone, making it the go-to model for power hitters.


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