• Gorilla Gold Original Grip Enhancer

    $19.95 inc. GST

    GET A NO-SLIP GRIP WIH THE WORLD’S #1 TACKIFYING TOWEL.  Improves grip even in the rain.Eliminates slipping and over gripping.No smell, mess, or build up on hands, grips, gloves or balls.Gorilla Grip is safe for your hands, gloves, and grips. DIRECTIONS FOR USE:1. Press cloth onto hand, glove or grip. Lightly for slight tackiness; harder…

  • Lizard Skins Grip Boost Bottle 6oz

    Lizard Skins Grip Boost Bottle 6oz

    $29.95 inc. GST

    Lizard Skins Grip Boost® batting gel, now in a larger 6 oz. bottle! This grip boost gives you the extra grip and superior bat control you need without the mess of other grip enhancers. The formula is clear, easy to clean, and doesn’t leave any residue on your skin or clothes. With 150+ applications per…