• Mizuno Franchise 12.5" 1st Base Glove

    Mizuno Franchise Series 12.5″ 1B Baseball Glove

    $159.95 inc. GST

    The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch series has been Gender Engineered and is specifically designed for female softball players. Pre-oiled java leather construction ensures durability and a soft, game-ready feel. Features Java LeatherA pre-oiled tumbled leather that is game-ready and durable HiLo LacingDesigned to have an alternating lace pattern retains the integrity of a fully-laced web with…

  • Mizuno MVP Prime SE 12.5" Baseball Glove

    Mizuno MVP Prime SE 12.5″ First Base Baseball Glove

    $220.00 inc. GST

    The Mizuno MVP Prime SE 12.5″ Baseball Glove is the ideal glove for players who want to take not only their game but also their style to the next level with a pro-style colour pop. The MVP Prime SE features Bio Soft Leather, Center Pocket Designed Patterns, and patent-pending Heel Flex Technology that creates a…

  • Mizuno Prime Elite First Base 12.5″ Baseball Glove

    $319.95 inc. GST

    The new Mizuno Prime Elite series is crafted with soft, smooth, mahogany-colored leather that is durable with a pro-level feel. Featuring an UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner for a soft feel and finish. A perforated thumb and pinky panel design reduces weight and increases breathability. Designed with Pro patterns to make Prime Elite an excellent glove…

  • Rawlings Heart of the Hide Anthony Rizzo 1st Base 12.75" Baseball Glove

    Rawlings Heart of the Hide Anthony Rizzo 1st Base 12.75″ Baseball Glove

    $399.00 inc. GST

    With the option of using any glove as a world champion, world champion, Anthony Rizzo prefers using Rawlings. Just like many other professionals. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Anthony Rizzo is crafted from hand-selected professional-grade steer-hide leave. This glove has the resilience to withstand the demands of the major leagues while also forming the…

  • Wilson A2000 1620 SS 12.5" Baseball Glove

    Wilson A2000 1620 SS 12.5″ Baseball Glove

    $469.95 inc. GST

    Traditional first base mitts are often heavy and cumbersome. In the all-new A2000 1620SS, we paired durable Black Pro Stock Leather with Grey SuperSkin to reduce the weight without sacrificing feel or longevity. Its Single Break design allows the mitt to feel like a glove, rather than a mitt, on your hand – making it…

  • Wilson A2000 1679 SS 12.5″ Baseball Glove

    $469.95 inc. GST

    Wilson A2000 1679SS 12.5” Baseball First Base Glove is the perfect choice for serious ballplayers looking to elevate their game on the field. Crafted with Pro Stock Leather and SuperSkin, our glove offers rugged durability and an unmatched feel. SuperSkin, a microfiber material that’s half the weight of Pro Stock Leather but twice as durable,…