Steps to Make a Casual Booking

  1. Visit the booking page

  2. Select the Service type

    From the Service drop-down menu select “Group Holiday Session – 8 & Under” or “Group Holiday Session – 9 & Above”.

    Press the NEXT button.

  3. Select the Session

    Click on the first Session date (note the holiday programs go over two days but only the first date will appear).

  4. Check the Booking

    Check the booking details and if you’re happy, press the NEXT button.

  5. Enter Details

    Complete all detail fields on the page, agree to the terms of service and press the NEXT button.

  6. Enter Payment Details

    Enter your credit card details and press the NEXT button.

  7. Confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation if your payment was successful.
    A copy of your receipt will be sent to your email.

    We will see you at your session!