Face a hit, field a drive, or stop a hop with confidence. Because the longer you play, the faster the ball comes off the bat. When you’re wearing the most trusted softball gear by RIP-IT, you play without limits.

Product Benefits

Easier to see and breathe through. Wider field of view and better peripheral vision than any other softball fielder’s mask.

Comfortable fit. Designed for ponytails, braids, and a full head of hair with an adjustable chin strap giving your daughter a snug fit.

Easy to wash. Machine Washable on gentle cycle, no dryer, and in a laundry bag.

Lightweight & durable design.
More durable than plastic, the Defence Pro Fielder’s mask steel bars create a lightweight, and protective frame.

DIY Home Sizing Tool

Download and print the sizing tool to ensure you purchase the fielder’s mask that’s right for you.