Easton Core Batting Tee

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Enhance your hitting skills with the Easton Core Batting Tee. Its telescoping rods and stable base ensure consistent performance, while the portable design lets you practice anywhere. A reliable companion for baseball and softball players seeking improvement.

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Core Batting Tee
The Easton Core Batting Tee is compact and portable, great for tee work while on the road. Made with fully adjustable, telescoping rods and spring-loaded legs keep the tee stable. The durable dual-wrapped tee topper is replaceable. This tee will be ready for batting practice wherever you go.


  • Brand: Easton
  • Series: Core
  • Adjustable Height Range: 28″ – 46″
  • Usage: Batting Tee

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Adjustable Height:
Telescoping rods allow for a range of hitting heights.

Stable Base:
Spring-loaded legs provide a sturdy foundation.

Replaceable Topper:
Durable dual-wrapped tee topper is built to last.

Portable Design:
Compact and easy to transport.


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