B45 OHB Pro Select One-Hand Birch Training Bat

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Refine your swing with precision using the B45 OHB Pro Select One-Hand Birch Training Bat. Designed for targeted one-handed training, this bat enhances bat control and coordination, helping you take your batting skills to the next level.

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B45 OHB Pro Select
Refine your batting skills and elevate your game with the One-Handed Trainer Bat, a specialized tool designed to enhance bat control and eye-hand coordination. Perfect for honing your technique, this training bat allows you to focus on one hand at a time, promoting precision and control with every swing.


  • Brand: B45
  • Series: Pro Select
  • Bat Type: Training Bat, Timber Baseball Bat
  • Type of Wood: Handcrafted from Pro Select Yellow Birch
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 26″
  • Weight: 24oz
  • Knob: Regular

Additional information


– Crafted with a handle measuring 0.97 inches, akin to the RK13 model, providing a comfortable grip conducive to effective one-handed training.

– Barrel design reminiscent of the B243c model, offering a balanced feel and ample hitting surface for targeted practice sessions.

– Compact size of 26 inches facilitates precise and controlled swings, ideal for honing specific aspects of your batting mechanics.

– Weighing 24 oz, this training bat provides the necessary heft to simulate the feel of a standard bat while focusing on individual hand control.

– Regular knob design ensures a secure and comfortable grip, promoting proper hand placement and control throughout your training regimen.

– Handcrafted from premium Pro Select Yellow Birch, renowned for its durability and resilience, ensuring long-lasting performance on the field.

– Sleek all-black color scheme with a white label adds a touch of style to your training sessions, reflecting the bat's professional craftsmanship and quality.


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