• Online ExclusiveEaston Gametime Catcher's Helmet

    Easton Gametime Catcher’s Helmet

    $219.95 inc. GST

    Gametime Catcher’s Helmet Easton’s® new Gametime™ Catcher’s Helmet features a solid gloss ABS Thermoplastic Shell with strategically placed vents for increased airflow, and a steel cage redesigned to give players maximum visibility behind the plate. The comfort-stacked foam on the inside of the helmet features a BioDri™ moisture-control fabric liner, and the ergonomic chin cup…

  • Online ExclusiveEaston Gametime Chest Protector

    Easton Gametime Chest Protector

    $159.95$169.95 inc. GST

    Gametime Chest Protector Features integrated impact-absorbing foam in the ab area, providing improved rebound control so blocked balls stay close, preventing runners from advancing. The chest protector is constructed with a one-sided steel inset waist clip, an adjustable shoulder cap, and a 4-point webbing strap system for a securely wrapped fit and easy adjustability. The…

  • Online Exclusive

    Easton Gametime Leg Guard

    $189.95$199.95 inc. GST

    Gametime Leg Guard The Easton Gametime Leg Guards’ durable, reinforced, wide-knee design provides a better fit and more stability when moving in and out of the catcher’s squat. The vented-shell design with an EVAIR breathable, foam liner increases airflow and breathability, and the stitched knee padding provides players with added comfort. The Gametime™ Leg Guards…