IBL/ISL Disclaimer

RBI Indoor Baseball League (IBL) Rules

  1. Pitching Machine and Pitching Machine Distance
    1. All Under 10s games will be played using a Zooka pitching machine set to between 35-40mph at 46 feet from the point of home plate.
    2. All Under 13s games will be played using a Zooka pitching machine set to between 40-45mph at 46 feet from the point of home plate.
    3. All Under 15s, Seniors and Masters games will be played using a Jugs BP2 pitching machine on 90km/h fastball setting.
      1. Each team must supply a player/coach to feed the pitching machine. This person must be over the age of 18.
    4. In the event of pitching machine malfunction, all games will revert to coach/player pitch from behind an L Frame.
    5. All facilities with a distance shorter than 60ft 6in will be required to find the equivalent pitch speed to that of the 60ft 6in facilities for Hack Attack pitching leagues.

Facility at 60ft 6in throwing a 75mph has no adjustments to make.

Facility at 45ft must find equivalent pitch speed: 75mph (desired speed from 60ft 6in) x 45 (distance at which your machine is placed) / 60.5 (60ft 6in) = 62mph.

  1. All pitches will be fastballs for the RBI Indoor Baseball League.
  1. Bats and Helmets
    1. All divisions will use aluminium/composite bats, wood or wood composite bats are also permitted during league play.
    2. All wood or wood composite bats must be without significant wear and tear.
    3. All bats and helmets must be checked by a RBI staff member prior to start of game to ensure all equipment is legal and safe (no cracks in bats/helmets).
  1. Baseballs/Softballs
    1. All pitching machines are required to use real baseballs/softballs or Kevlar seamed baseballs during league play.
      1. Dimpled machine baseballs/softballs are not allowed for league play.
    2. Any baseballs/softballs with torn laces, cut leather, etc will be thrown out of play.
  2. League Rosters
    1. All team sizes for every age group will range from 5-9 players.
    2. Players are allowed to move up in age groups to compete, but may not play any lower than current age.
    3. All players must be present at start of designated game time to play.
  3. Substitutions
    1. If a player is unable to continue league play for the remainder of a session due to injury or any other conflict, a legal substitute may be added to the roster prior to week 5 of regular season play. There will be no refunds. Sub may be added to roster to replace player at no cost.
      1. Legal substitutes must fit within age division.
    2. Teams may not add substitutes after week 5 of regular season play.
      1. Substitute must be approved by RBI Australia.
    3. Age Divisions
      1. Divisions will be broken up by:

Under 10 – must not turn 10 before the 31st of December in the year the season begins in.

Under 14 – must not turn 14 before the 31st of December in the year the season begins in.

Seniors – Anyone over the eligibility criteria for Under 14s.

Masters – Must turn 30 before the 31st of December in the year the season begins in.


  1. IBL Schedule Format
    1. Each season will consist of 9 regular season games, spanning 9 weeks. 1 week of playoffs.
    2. RBI Australia staff will communicate and schedule playoffs.
  1. Game Lengths / Duration
    1. Games shall be 7 innings or 40 minutes.
    2. Once an inning has begun, it must be completed.
    3. No new innings will begin after 35 minutes have elapsed.
      1. In the event of a tie after 7 innings the game will continue until 40 minutes is up or an innings is completed after the 35 minute mark. If the score is still tied, the game will be declared a draw.
    4. Inning games for all playoffs have no time limit.
    5. No mercy rules.
    6. Any player not present at the start of game time may not be reinserted back into line-up until next scheduled game or
      1. The missing player will be recorded as an out in the line up until they arrive
    7. Machine Misreads / Oddities
      1. All batted balls must be a clean and accurate read/result.
        1. Any batted ball that does not register will be replayed as if last pitch did not take place.
      2. RBI Australia appointed Umpire is responsible for play modifications made on desktop to ensure the most accurate statistics (Balls/Strikes, remove last event, etc).
      3. All results hits/outs and balls/strikes are final. Only RBI Australia staff members may alter results based on appropriate scenarios.
    8. Dress Code & Equipment
      1. All players must be properly equipped with league helmet and bat.
        1. Helmets must be without cracks.
      2. Players must wear enclosed shoes such as joggers.
        1. No cleats allowed.
      3. Players may not wear attire with any kind of profanity.
    9. Batting Order
      1. Batting order must be set prior to start of any game.
      2. Any hitter who bats out of order will be declared out and any result will be removed and the out applied.
      3. Batter’s first pitch will constitute as an at-bat.
      4. If a player is injured during play and may not continue, or if player is not present for game and drops the team below the minimum 5 player roster, an out will be recorded each time the hitter is due up.
        1. If team is 2 players under minimum, an out will be recorded for each of the missing team members. If less than 3 players are present the game will be forfeited to the opposition.
      5. Broken Bats
        1. RBI Australia is not responsible for any broken bats or any other broken player equipment.
        2. RBI Australia may provide bats to players, but not required.
      6. HitTrax Defensive Difficulties
        1. Under 10 – 10U
        2. Under 14 – 14U
        3. Seniors – High School
        4. Masters – High School
      7. Game Play
        1. There will be no walks allowed in the Indoor Baseball League. Swing the bat!