Glove Guide


This is a general guide, individual preferences come into play when selecting a glove.

The type of glove you end up buying will also be determined by the position and sport you play (baseball or softball). Softball gloves are generally bigger for teens and adults to cater for the bigger ball. As well as being bigger, the majority of softballers prefer a closed web. Generally when trying gloves you have an idea in mind. It is important to know that comfort and feel will always override the generalised guide on what you should buy.


Gloves sizes are determined by the distance between the top of the index finger and the heel of the glove, this pre-measured size is usually stamped into the glove by the manufacturer. Typically glove sizes range from 9 inch to 14 inch and increase by quarter inches.




Youth 9.5”-11”
Adult Infield 11.25”-12”
Adult Outfield 12.5”-12.75”
Adult Pitcher 11.75”-12.75”




Youth 9.5”-11.5”
Adult Infield 11.5”-12.5”
Adult Outfield 13”-14”
Adult Pitcher 12”-12.5”



Catchers Gloves are generally referred to as Catchers Mitts because they don’t have individual fingers. They are measured by their circumference.

Catchers mitts start at 31 inch for youth, 32.5 inch for youth transitional and 33 inch for adult. Softball catchers mitts are available up to 34 inch.